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Floral Wall Masterclass


This masterclass is designed for anyone who wants to learn the art and science of creating beautiful and long-lasting floral installations for any occasion. ✨You will learn from a professional florist who has years of experience in creating stunning floral designs for weddings, events, and home decor. ✨You will also get access to a virtual platform where you can interact with the instructor and other participants, ask questions and get feedback. In this masterclass, you will learn:👉👉 💐How to choose the right flowers, foliage, and materials for your installation 💐How to prepare, condition, and preserve your flowers for optimal freshness and longevity 💐How to design, plan, and execute your installation using different techniques and tools 💐How to troubleshoot common problems and challenges that may arise during the installation process 💐How to care for and maintain your installation after it is completed

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