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Christmas is around the corner....

Are you looking to make a handmade gift for the Christmas season?

Or are you looking to give a friend the gift of a lifetime with an excellent learning experience?

Well, our incredible online wreath-making workshop is just perfect for you.

This digital video workshop breaks down gathering wild grape vines and foraging wild evergreens to create a stunning wreath for your front door.

No experience or special tools are needed.

Just clippers and your creativity.

Bringing your back to how wreaths were made in the olden days.... let's go back to the old-fashioned Christmas and have fun making our own fresh front door wreath.

This incredible workshop also includes a digital workbook to go along with it.

Bringing you helpful information from our team on....What evergreens to cut, how to prolong wreath life, and how to condition your greens best.

This workshop is designed for any person who loves nature and being creative.

Oline Holiday Wreath Workshop

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