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Hello Flower Friends!

Welcome to Sunny Hill. ​My name is Kathryn; I am a flower farmer in rural Central Texas, a floral designer, a Christian lover of Jesus, a farmer, and a flower enthusiast. ​I am so excited you are here and thrilled to share the journey and love of flowers with you. ​The love of flowers for everyone starts somewhere. ​Most of the time, it starts for all of us at a young age. And for myself....

My Story

Well, it's in my blood. 

My grandmother (born in 1922) was passionate about plants and, well, most of all, if you couldn't guess it by now, were flowers.........

Yes, she grew and grew all kinds of flowers. It was her greatest love. 

The one thing you and I could learn most from her is.....

"If your plant isn't happy....Move it, and keep moving it until it is in a place where it is happy and growing well." 

Wisdom from a long-time avid gardener....

Though I never knew my grandmother very well. 

Every bit of the flower gene was born into my mom......

Ever since I was born, my mom has had gardens stuffed with every kind of bloom! 

Somewhere, there is a video of me, 3, years old, walking through her herb garden, trying to pronounce the names of the flowers. LOL 

But my love for flowers and dream of bringing them to the public sparked in the years I grew up on our farm in TN. It was the perfect breeding ground for the love of nature. 

We lived in the rolling hills of Santa Fe, Tennesee, in a yellow Victorian house, and the grounds, gardens, old rock walls, and huge sweeping trees... It was perfect!

Arranging as many bouquets as I wanted, and that is where it all started. 

After graduating.....

I steered in the direction of flower farming, and good thing I did.....

After being in the flower farming world for one year, I tried to work in a floral shop. 

Yes, I "Tried" 

But what happened...Well, on my second day, I started unboxing flowers that had just been shipped in, hit me.

 "I was looking at hundreds of blooms, and it was as if they didn't exist; why wasn't I overjoyed with all these flowers that it would have taken me ages to grow, hours of labor, sweat, tears, and planning." 

These commercial flowers felt dead; no joy, love, or excitement radiated. 

So, I never went back to the flower shop world.


I was cured....Please give me my flower farm back and all its hard work.


There is nothing in the world like planting seeds, and it actually sprouts, caring and patiently waiting for it to bloom while keeping it alive, that plant, once it blooms is far more beautiful than loads of commercially grown flowers could ever give you. 

So, why am I here????

I am here to bring inspiring designs filled with blooms you can't get at a flower shop, flowers that have tears, blood, and sweat literally dripped over them, and maybe that is what makes them radiate with intense beauty; it's because of the love poured over them and the Texas sunshine. 

So you can say local flower, who cares.....

But I challenge you: do grocery store flowers exceed the beauty of locally grown flowers????

Your Flower Farmer, 

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