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Sunny Hill's Flower CSA


$135 per 4 week  CSA subscription!

Find out how our CSA  works down below.



​Members of our Bouquet Subscription receive weekly flowers. They are treated to the first cuts of each crop and more premium blooms.  


Each bouquet is hand crafted by our farmer florists based on what is in season and most beautiful in the field.


Our bouquets are stunning and unique representations of the current moment on our flower farm. Joining us for the entire growing season presents a unique opportunity to experience different varieties of flowers as they come into bloom.


No two weeks of bouquets are the same! We pride ourselves on growing flowers that you can’t find anywhere else.


As a bouquet subscription member you get the best of what we grow!    Choose between two different pick-up locations to suit your schedule.


Elect to pick up on Tuesdays at Summer Moon coffee from 9- 10 am,  or Wednesdays at the Farm from 9 am-12 pm.


Please remember that we can’t change your pickup location in the middle of a session. It’s important to note that if you are unable to pick-up your bouquet at your designated location and time period, we will donate your flowers to our pick-up hosts or local charity.


If you know that you can’t make it to pick up your flowers, we are happy to have you send a friend or family member in your place.  


Our bouquet subscription members are investors in our business and we appreciate their trust and confidence. The purchase of a bouquet subscription helps us buy the materials and supplies we need at the beginning of our season to start our seeds and get our fields prepared for planting.


As investors, we reward our bouquet subscription members with the best flowers from our fields each week. We cannot wait to bring you a season of beautiful farm-fresh flowers! 


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