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"Maintenaining Beauty"

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Sometimes when we want to make something beautiful in the way we think it should be beautiful, however it is not always feasible, nor realistic. And yes, this was me. I had to this notion that I could grow a huge field of flowers with no ground cover or weed protection. To me it just seemed like a wrong idea.

But now I know that it was me that was wrong.

The first problem I encountered was a prolific outbreak of tiny seeds coming up and turning into gigantic weeds! Eventually, one starts to realize that it is most difficult to tell which are the seeds and which are the weeds. Well, a rookie like me did what a pro would never do. I let the weeds grow steadily bigger! That was NOT a good idea. If you know anything about weeds l, they can be extremely unmanageable and downright agressive to your desired outcome of flowering beauties.

Secondly, if you live like I do in Luling or Lockhart Texas, your soil is probably very sandy. Take a plot of sandy soil, add some routine spring time winds and you wind up with a dry garden plot with subpar growth, except for the raging weeds!

Fact is, if you want to grow anything, one thing you need to know for sure is that an ample regular supply of water is ESSENTIAL for plant growth (at least for most plants). As it is with us humans, WATER a key to support abundant living.

Next I got down to business and invested in adequate ground cover. This was a game changer. I no longer had to weed the garden so frequently AND my flowers finally started growing, which, after all,was my main objective. 🤣

It is so important that when learning anything, that you research what other people do and study the techniques they use. For example, just by clicking around on the internet and listening to different flower farmers, I came across a woman who used a calf dehorner to put holes in her ground cover, so the plants can have a place to grow through. That was a definite life saver, no need to spend huge amounts of money on a fancy tool. When you can use a simple thing you can find at a feed store! I like to think of it as a form of "practical productivity".

So here we are at the end of our little story. Always remember reflection is the best way to Progression. Learn from your mistakes! That is my take away 🙂😉

So until next time!


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