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Welcome Miss Daisy

She is a 1973 f100 ranger. An oldie but a goodie.

Found this beauty in the great City 🏙️of San Antonio. She was parked out on a busy, dusty, trucking lot. Just waiting for me to go get her.

My trusty Dad who is great with mechanics, and my helpful Mom came with me to help me make the right decision in buying this old truck 🛻.

(Daisy's Condition when we bought her)

I at first thought I wouldn't like the truck, but man oh man, when that truck started up, the POP, Pop, rumble of that V8 engine had me sold.

As my Dad and I took the truck for a spin ( as the best of Mom's do, she stayed back to keep our other vehicle safe). Our Ride in the truck was smooth, and a bit boat like. As we sat there bouncing along on the springs of the old truck bench seat. It was as if my Dad and I came to a decision without even talking, as if we both had agreed this was the one for me. And then Well.... she was ours.

The road home was a suspenseful one filled with tensions of all kinds. The man we bought it from, seemed doubtful we could drive it the 50 miles home without it somehow breaking down along the way. As my Mom's comment was "if it does we will just call AAA".

The wind 💨 blew, the clouds ☁️ rolled in and the rain 🌧️ decended upon Daisy. We'll ummm if you ever try to use 20 year old windshield wipers, to say the least they smear, smudge and just make things worse. But before we all knew it we were home ☺️ 👌 🏡 safe and sound.

Daisy is in great condition, I mean for 50 years old she, definitely is. The motor runs great 👍 it's more just the body that needs some fixing up. But for the most part she is entirely ready to go.

We have already done some work on Daisy. Like fixing the brake lights, polishing the out side, and fixing the speedometer.

Follow along as we restore "Daisy the flower truck"💐


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