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Why spring cleaning your house isn't the best!

Christmas is over along with the ringing in of the new year of 2023. All the decorations at least for our home are taken down and the fresh new life of spring is ready to move in.

But life at the farm is even busier than the normal spring cleaning and the demolition of Christmas decor. With this is also the tear down of 259 days of growing things and including drip lines, seed trays, seed stands, ground cover, tilling, fertilizing, and way more.

The casual saying, "I am spring cleaning my house" is for the flower farmer " I am winter cleaning my garden. "

When you spring clean the house, it is not just cleaning the bathroom with cleaners and quickly wiping down those baseboards! it is a decluttering of a whole entire year! ha-ha and this can be a lot!

But what if we didn't make this such a one-season thing but an all-year-round goal? Flower farming in the summer is a full-on fully engaged project that never ends, but to make the end of the year less of a terror maybe cleaning and decluttering as I go would help my whole mental state!

For myself, I know cleaning out a messy space can make my head feel lighter and clearer! (This sounds so odd) but it is true and helps me to work harder on other things and I gain energy by cleaning other pieces!

So, I thought I would go see if this was an actual proven fact!

I would like to share some things from "Healthline " to help and encourage you!

Here are 5 ways to be healthier by cleaning your house!

Strengthen your immune system

Yes, it sure does! a clean house can help you breathe better by preventing respiratory issues and supporting a healthy immune system.

“Dust, mold, mildew, pet dander, and other things like this can be immune system triggers for people prone to allergies. When your house isn’t clean, it can gather pollutants — especially during the winter months,”

Decrease stress and depression!

Whether you’re temporarily stuck indoors, working from home, or having a tough time getting to sleep, your mental health can benefit from keeping your space tidy.

Prevent illness!

Cleaning things you touch a lot — or several people use often — can help you avoid illness and minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria.

More healthy eating, physical activity

Your physical home can set you up for an active life and healthy food choices — or make movement and sticking to nutritious meals more difficult.

Studies show there’s a correlation between keeping a clean home and being active and choosing healthier food options.

Spring cleaning can also motivate us to reset or try out a healthier lifestyle.

Reduce the risk of injury

More than 1 in 4 adults over age 65 fall each year, leading to 3 million emergency room visits, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source. Falls are the leadingTrustedleading trusted Source cause of injury-related death for this age group.

Spring is a great time to make adjustments to your home, or an older parent’s home, to reduce the risk of falls.

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