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"Take Care"

I may have started out saying "Sunny Hill Farm, won't be putting up any ugly fence to protect the flowers." I must have been thinking wild life would say "here lives Kathryn, we love her, and we don't want to ruin her farm" but I think 🤔 that only happens in fairy tales where the animals talk to you, and the flowers know how to sing. Anyway, enough of that. Let's get on with what actually happened.

The truth is that everything changed when my flowers started getting bigger. It seems the local deer population received a text message: "ALL YOU CAN EAT TREATS AT SUNNY HILL FARM!!"

The many weeks of tirelessly working day in and day out on my hands and knees, caring for these little seeds and seedlings were fueled by the anticipation of eventually seeing my seeds turn to flowers.

Though the work keeps you occupied, the 6 or more weeks of waiting for seed to become flower can be a bit unnerving. However, it is hard to describe that feeling when one day you walk out to that patch of dirt and there you, well not just yet.

You see, first there are flower buds, which very quickly become full fledged little beauties.

So, LESSON LEARNED:. Put a fence up around those dearly beloved seedlings and you will have the local white tail deer looking for their treats elsewhere.

Now we bring ourselves all the way to about 4 months later. I have now started my Fall season, feeling pretty good at this point, although with only a little experience under my belt, I admit. to being a tad bit stressed, even without knowing that a new challenge was just around the corner.

If you have any knowledge about country living in South Texas, there is one pesky wild animal a bit more aggressive than the prolific white-tail.


Yeah, so give yourself this 4 month span from Spring, and you've hit right in the dryest season of the year. And do I mean dry. These hogs are the kinda "night owl partier" of the country. Hogs love wet, so they can squish there big noses right down into the dirt in search of grubs or whatever they can find to eat. And that's what happened. My thoroughly watered garden became a nightly attraction for "hog heaven", as they began ripping and tearing up my tiny little seeds.

Thanks to my Awesome Dad, we gave these piggies a little shock 😲 literally. We put two electric fences up, one inside the other. And surrounded the whole garden with chicken wire. Problem solved.

So lesson learned, always put a fence up!! Maybe two fences.

Stay tuned for our upcoming post.

Super exciting news 👍 that you wont want to miss.


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