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Why keep empty vases out??

Have the shelves in your house been stacking up full of empty vases from all the holidays?

So many people always are telling me how they have way too many vases that they don't know what to do with!

So, I am starting the!

"Give a vase away to brighten somebody's day " Campaign...

We'll all those empty vases laying around your house, just pull them out and stick them on your front porch and we will schedule a time. to pick them up!

But this also means you are donating to the " Give a vase away to brighten somebody's day" where we will be giving away 1 bouquet of flowers a month to a person to brighten their day with the vases you have given away!

And I will be updating you each month on our bouquet giveaway and the impact it has on people's lives in our small town.

I hope you join me in this inspiring bouquet Campaign and spreading the joy of flowers in people's lives!

Thank you for joining us!

Your local flower farmer!


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